Kuli kuli is a Northern snack made essentially with groundnut. This snack is a favorite in most homes and this is because it is delicious and tastes heavenly when drank with garri.

Below are the essential kuli kuli ingredients. With this recipe, you can make your Kulikuli at home.

  • 2 cups of peeled, salted and roasted groundnuts
  • Groundnut oil and a tea spoon of ground pepper
  • One and half teas spoon of ginger powder or to taste
  • Kahun (Optional)

Kitchen Utensils and Appliances Needed 

  • A food processor
  • A non sticky frying pot
  • Muslin cloth
  • Spider and a Plastic bowl

How To Make Kuli Kuli

  • Pour the groundnuts and ginger into the powerful food processor, and set to rotate until the nuts are almost turning to a pasty cream.
  • Scoop the pasty nut into a clean and dry muslin cloth and squeeze out the oil as much as you can. Do not expect to see a lot of oil. This step is very key as it determines the crunchiness of the kulikuli.
  • Pour the mashy peanut into a plastic bowl, add the powdered ground pepper.
  • Mix the constituents using your fingers and shape using your palms to your preferred size.
  • Place the non-sticky cooking pot on cooker and add some groundnut oil enough to fry the balls. You could also sprinkle some kahun (potash) into the oil but this is optional. You could also add some rings of onion to provide some flavours.
  • Just before the temperature of the oil gets to frying point, add the shaped balls (or rods or pellets) into it and keep stirring until all sides of the balls turns brown.
  • Scoop out using a spider into a plate and allow to cool.

Kuli-Kuli is ready and can be served with any kind of flakes. Usually it is enjoyed with cassava flakes (Garri) soaked in cold water.

This video by Nigeria Food Tv will help you