Cooking And Eating Potato Can Be More Interesting With These 5 Delicious Meals

Potato is one of the most common food eaten in Nigeria. It’s one of the food items that you will find in almost every home.

Many are tired of eating and cooking just potato because they are probably tired of cooking the same all the time.

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We are here to give you tips to spice up your cooking skills with amazing recipes you can make with potato.

1.Potato Pepper Soup

If you are leaving and heading home already, you should totally try this Potato Peppersoup. It is perfect for dinner during the rainy season and it will make you sleep just like a baby.

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2.Potato Cakes

Potato cakes are the best bet when you want a switch from your usual meal – rice, beans, yam, and the likes. The next time you have potatoes at home, try something else other than frying or boiling. Try out the potato cakes.

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3.Potato Porridge

Potato porridge is another delicious recipe you should consider if you are a lover of all things porridge.

The tasty and smooth feel to it makes it one dish even your kids won’t turn away from. Another bonus is that it is very easy to prepare and cooks very fast.

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4.Mashed Potato

Potatoes are very delicious and healthy. They are also a very filling meal that can hold you for a long time. This is why many families and people eat it regularly. The fibers in potatoes make it easy to digest and the carbs in it help to keep your energy levels up.

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5.Potato Fufu

Fufu made with potatoes is very healthy, filling and the perfect meal option for a people willing to eat right and still be filled up.

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