Make Your Home-Made Suya Spice With These 5 Easy Steps

Most people are familiar with the spices they get in the market or Suya as a snack and meat. Well, we’re glad to inform you that there’s Suya spice and you would totally love it.

Nigerian Suya spice, known as Yaji in Hausa, is the best-kept recipe secret only known by the top Mallams of Hausaland. It’s a spice that can stay in your kitchen for as long as a year and still maintain its taste.

Follow these few steps to make yours at home.


1. 5 tablespoons of crushed kuli kuli (110g)

2. 5 tablespoons ginger powder (75g)

3. 2 tablespoons of crushed dry Cayenne pepper flakes

4. 10 strands of African Negro pepper

5. 1 small stock cube (4g)½ teaspoon salt


1.Break the African Negro Pepper into pieces and crush the stock cube.

2.Combine all the ingredients together in one bowl.

3.Grind in small batches in the dry mill till they turn into powder. Any coffee grinder will do this job very well.

4.Sift the mixture with a sieve to remove all fibre from the African Negro Pepper and ingredients that didn’t blend well.

5.Put the suya spice in plastic bags or containers and store in the freezer.

Watch this video for proper directions.

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