You Can Learn How To Prepare Eko-Agidi In Just 4 Minutes

How To Prepare Eko- Agidi

Agidi or eko is called corn meal in English and it is paired with different dishes depending on the tribe. Most people eat Agidi with ewedu, efo, moi moi and native soups.

Below is an easy recipe on how to prepare it


  • 8 cups of corn
  • Chiffon cloth
  • Bowls
  • Lots of clean water
  • Uma leaves

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Uma leaves are used for wrapping agidi or moi moi in Nigeria but you don’t need it if you are making agidi for your family. Just pour into plate and allow to cool.

The chiffon cloth is tied over the big bowl and used to separate the chaff from the starch.

You can only use the dried corn for agidi and pap. You cannot use newly harvested corn because it will not turn out right. Soak the corn in water for 24 hours.

How To Prepare

1. Drain the water and take the corn to the grinding mill.

2. Grind the corn and rinse it.

3. Drape the chiffon cloth over a big bowl and tie it up. Scoop in some ground corn in handful portions and tart rubbing it on the surface while adding water.

4. At some point you will feel just the chaff, remove it and scoop in more ground corn.

5. At the point when your hand can feel the water in the bowl from the top of the chiffon cloth, stop adding water and just rinse the ground corn.

6. Once ground corn is mixed with enough water, the starch will escape into the bowl as you keep rubbing on them while the chaff is left on the surface.

7. Remove the chiffon cloth once you are done and allow the starch in the bowl to sit for up to 3 hours.

8. After three hours, the starch should have settled at the bottom of the bowl and water on top.

9. Pour out the clear water and stir what is left with a wooden turner. It should not be as thick as dissolved pap or custard and it shouldn’t be too watery either.

10.  Pour into a pot, set on heat and start stirring with a wooden turner.

11. Continue stirring until it looks like prepared pap but maybe a little thicker. This should take about 15 minutes before you get to this point. Pour into smaller plates or use a leave to wrap.

12. Allow 1-3 hours for the agidi to cool and solidify.

Serve with boiled beans and tomato stew,  You can also serve with moi moi or akara.

This video would also help.

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