6 Steps On How To Start A Lucrative Poultry Farming Business

The three most important things in life usually have the most demand: food, shelter, clothing; with food being the most important. Those who don’t have shelter or have few clothing most certainly demand food.

Food is the fuel to every human’s body, and that is why food businesses are always very lucrative. The poultry is never an exception in this matter because many Nigerians eat chicken, turkey and eggs.

When you start a poultry business, retailers would also be your customers because they sell to the immediate consumers.

Here are steps to starting your poultry farming business:

1. Learn the ropes of the business

poultry farming business nigeria

Do an extensive research to get knowledge about the business.There are tons of articles on the internet to guide you.

Heard of master classes? You need to be a pro in your business before starting it, and it’s because you’ll have to ensure everything is in order. You don’t want to run out of luck, do you?

2.Look at your options

Broiler breeding allows you get the parent stock so they can lay eggs thereafter; meanwhile, the egg breeding allows you grow your stock from the egg stage till they grow older.

You can as well pick the two of them.

3. Source for capital

Your capital is important, so you should ensure that you have enough money for you to invest in the business.

4. Location and structure set up

poultry farming business nigeria

Ensure your location is customer-friendly; also, ensure that it is conducive for your stock. You should carry out investigations on your intended business location.

5. Get equipment for your farm

You’ll need to get equipment too; cages, containers, and so many others.

6. Start hiring workers

poultry farming business nigeria

Workers are necessary for this business. You can’t do it all alone. Even if it means paying them from your personal income for the first few weeks, you should take that risk because you’ll definitely get customers.

Get people in charge of sales and marketing so you can get customers. Also, you could utilize social media and advertise your business once it’s ready.

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