Learn How To Twist Your Natural Hair In Minutes With This Simple Tutorial

As naturalistas, there are just some days when you do not want your hair in a fro or puff, the twists would therefore be a perfect protective styling option.

Twists will probably puff up as they age and there’s nothing wrong with that. You may find a need to re-twist some strands here and there, but they should hold up as an overall style that’s protective, low maintenance and low-manipulation.

Below are easy steps on how to achieve a good twist.

1. Divide the section of hair into two parts. Try to make them as even as possible. If they’re not even all the way down, you may run out of hair on one section and have to borrow from the other section.

2. To begin a twist, simply twist each section of hair around the other. You can do this in a hand-over-hand movement, but as you get proficient, you won’t need to move your hands as much; you’ll find you can twist just by moving your fingers to twist the hair.

3. Continue working your way down the section of hair, twisting in the same direction. This may differ depending on whether you’re right-handed or left-handed.

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You don’t have to twist each section going the same direction, however; when you work near your hairline, you may want to direct the twists back, in which case you should twist away from your face. If you want your twists to fall to the front, twist them toward your face.

4. Work all the way to the ends of the hair. You can put a dab of oil and/or a holding agent on the ends for additional hold,  this will help if your ends are very dry. When you reach the end, hold the ends firmly between two fingers and gradually release the pressure so that the twist will loosen and settle on its own.

5. Twists can last anywhere from one to a few weeks. You can definitely shampoo them without having to undo them,  just concentrate on cleansing your scalp and don’t manipulate the twists too much.

This video would help you achieve perfect twists.

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