Make A Good First Impression At That Job Interview With These Style Tips

Preparing for a job interview involves a lot of categories which tends to stress you out or make you nervous. Choosing your interview attire to keep in line with today’s dress code can be a little tricky and dicey. Landing a job is not all about having an impressive CV, your interview appearance says a lot of things about you.

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There are some important tips you need when preparing your outfit for an interview. So before you attend a job interview next time, make sure you consider the following tips.

1. Do A Background Check About The Company

Doing proper research could give you an idea about the company’s dress codes. Don’t ever go for a job interview without doing some background checks about the company that invites you for the interview. For example, an interview with a financial institution could require you to appear in a business professional dress, while an advertising industry could expect you to wear something creative, smart and casual.

2. Choose A Solid Color That Isn’t Distracting

In an interview, you want the hiring manager to focus on you, not on your colourful shirt. Instead of busy patterns, choose solid colours that reflect your personality but aren’t too loud or too dull. Red, for instance, can overpower an interviewer.

Black is a popular choice for interview attire because it’s a commanding colour that shows authority, but it can also suggest drama. Dark blue is a better option because it makes you seem calm, controlled, trustworthy, and secure. Gray also works great. It conveys confidence and sophistication and won’t distract the interviewer.

3. Be Comfortable With Your Outfit

If the suit or gown is too tight or the heels too high and makes you feel uncomfortable, it might make you lose comportment and even affect your confidence level. A job interview is stressful enough, don’t compound it with a fashion problem.

4. Go Easy On Your Accessories

What you think it would be an impressive appearance might be a distraction to your prospective employers. Never look so attractive that your dress or fashion accessories become distractive to the hiring managers. For instance, shoulder-length earrings, bangles and bracelet might constitute distractions when you gesture with your hands during the interview.

5. Pay Attention To The Details

A polished appearance immediately speaks to your attention to detail. No matter where you’re interviewing, the old adage still holds true – dress for the job you want, not the one you have. Also, make sure you’re wearing something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Don’t buy an outlandish outfit to make a statement if that’s not your style.

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