‘I Am More Than My Fall’ -‘American Idol’ Contestant Funke Lagoke Speaks After Fainting on Stage

American Idol contestant, Funke Lagoke has given an update on her collapse on stage.

Funke had fallen on stage as Lionel Richie gave his verdict on her performance with fellow singer Ronda Felton on Monday at the ABC competition show.

The pair had performed Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand’s “Tell Him” as a duet.

Lionel started delivering his honest feedback to the pair, where he called their performance a “train wreck.” At first, he told Ronda that while she started off strong, she “crashed and burned” at the end. He then turned to Funke, but before he could share his thoughts, the singer fell forward onto the stage.

Immediately, Luke, Lionel, Ronda, and American Idol producers rushed to Funke’s aid and started helping her until the paramedics arrived.

She was rushed to the hospital where she was treated for dehydration and released from the hospital.

In an Instagram live, Funke took to Instagram Live to talk to her followers directly about what had unfolded.

“As a performer, you want to be highlighted in the best way possible. And every time I was reminded that I was going to get showcased for this fall, the line I keep telling myself is, ‘I am so much more than my fall. I am so much more than my fall.’ I come with so much more, those that know me to know that and I pray that America and whoever saw this saw that even when we fall in life we’re gonna get back up again, and we’re going to fight for another day. Because that was not how I wanted to be presented the first time … But it’s okay because I know God has something I can’t see right now. I wanted to be highlighted so much for my voice, I did. And they did show something, but I’m so much more than that …”

She also wrote: PERFECTION is an ILLUSION based on your own PERCEPTION” with the hashtag #IamMoreThanMyFall

Funke was the winner of the Miss Nigeria USA pageant in 2019 where she competed against 15 beauty queens.

Watch her duet performance below.

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