Former CNN Correspondent Isha Sesay Welcomes First Child At 47


Isha Sesay has welcomed first child at age 47. Taking to Instagram to share the news, the former CNN correspondent revealed her daughter, Naimah was born on February 17th.

My pathway to motherhood has been a long and at times difficult journey. But through it all, I have taken every step girded by faith and prayer, as well as the loving support from so many of you – both near and far. And now that I am finally a mother, my heart feels like a truly foreign organ in my body…it is so full… completely transformed by this brand new wondrous being.

My daughter, Naimah Yasmine Kadi Sesay was born on February 17th at 9.24 pm in NYC. Her arrival was preceded by the sudden onset of preeclampsia which unleashed skyrocketing blood pressure and in the hours that followed hemorrhaging, toxemia and fluid overload. In the darkest moments, all I could think about was my daughter and she provided the strength that I needed.

There are no words to capture my gratitude for the round-the-clock medical care led by my outstanding OB/GYN Dr. Clarel Antoine and supported by so many others at @nyulangone and just as critically the mind-body-spirit care provided by my doula @mslemonhoney who was by my side in the delivery room and throughout everything that followed. “Thank you” seems inadequate for all the people who literally saved my life!

Those difficult days are behind us and Naimah and I are thankfully back home. In the blink of an eye, my child has removed all traces of who I once was and what I considered to be important. In keeping with the meaning of her first name, “Naimah,” she is indeed my peace. She is my blessing.

Thank you to all of you who have followed my pregnancy journey, checked on us, prayed for us, and sent constant well wishes. We love you!

And I can’t wait to share the triumphs and travails of motherhood in the days ahead. ❤️❤️❤️

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