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6 Ways Your Relationship Will Change After Marriage

Not one person goes into a marriage with a kind of manual or programmed life, everyone learns on the job. There’s always a new thing to learn from your spouse as you both grow together.

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However, we have aligned 6 facts every woman should know after getting married. No one is an island of knowledge so, we hope this post helps your relationships.

1. You won’t always spend time together

Your partner would be your companion but you have to learn that whenever they are around, you should take the moment and enjoy it because they may be out of town tomorrow for a business, career or family function.

This is why finding your purpose is one of the beautiful things you have to know before getting married. This is not to say that your purpose comes before your partner or is a replacement for your partner but the fact that there is something else that can replace your energy when your partner is not there. It keeps you from being so dependent and needy.

2. You will lose some friends

After getting married, it’s always difficult for your close female friends to adjust. Even if you’re so accommodating, some people just feel like, now that you’re married, you’re no more in their class or level, then they move on to other friends. Be fine with it because seasons change.

Although, some people, when they get married, they start looking for married friends which is okay that doesn’t mean that you should let go of all the friends you had before you got married. You just have to make them understand that things have changed and if they’re unwilling to, don’t feel bad if they leave.

3. You won’t always have your way

In marriage, there are two people involved even if you have become the day you were joined at the altar. Some women are very strong-opinionated. They are like, it’s either my way or no way if it’s not my way I’m checking out. That can’t work if you want a successful marriage.

If you always want to have your way in a marriage, maybe you’re better off single because it is two people with two different backgrounds with two different opinions and exposure. So, be willing to accommodate each other’s opinion at any point in time;  this is why you need to marry someone you trust in his judgment.

4. Your sex life will not be as wild as you’ve imagined

In your marriage, there will be moments when you have more sex than others. This fits with a lot of research and is very typical. On the other hand, sex will be significantly more fulfilling. It’s great to have sex with someone who is dedicated to fostering your mental, emotional, and physical intimacy. Place your attention there.

5. You’ll need to forgive regularly

A lot of forgiveness is needed in marriage. If you need a long-lasting marriage, you need to deal with that issue of forgiveness. Your husband will always get on your nerves, you can’t escape from that.

Don’t expect that the man will know when to kiss you, cuddle you, or when you need money. Just make sure you pursue peace with everybody, including your husband. And you need to start practising it now because you will need a lot of it.

6. Expect changes from your partner

Things change people and people change. If you don’t change in your first year of marriage, you could change in your fourth. It could be as little as my attitude to food, or your husband’s reaction to money, and you have to constantly remind yourself of that. Expect a change at every stage of the marriage.

Don’t be startled by a change in your partner but find a way to work it out.  If they change for the better, that’s fine and if it’s the opposite, you have to find a way to talk to them through it.

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