Playing the role of a mother and that of a father for your children can be difficult for some people, but for Nigerian actress, movie producer and entrepreneur, it is a walk in the park.

Iyabo ojo who got married at the age of 21 is a mother of two children, Festus and Priscilla.  Iyabo Ojo’s first child, Festus is presently studying at the university outside the country and her daughter Priscilla also doing her pre degree at Babcock Univeristy.

Not only has Iyabo raised the children singlehandedly, she has also given them all the good things that children of their age would cherish. Expensive trips abroad, designer outfits, etc are some of the privileges they enjoy which goes a long way to say that their mother is playing the role of both parents perfectly.

Here are 7 photos that of Iyabo Ojo and her kids that proves she is the perfect parent