Are You The Breadwinner Of Your Family? These 6 Tips Will Guide You On How To Cope

Being the breadwinner of the home as a woman can be very challenging as it comes with a lot of responsibilities.

You might be making more money than your husband so you tend to pay most of the bills. This responsibility might be weighing you down and making you resentful.

Here are some tips to cope as a female breadwinner.

1.Accept Your Role

Every woman grew up with the thought of having a prince charming who will provide their needs but reality sets in. The first process of making this work is to accept your responsibility as the breadwinner of the family. It will fashion your mind towards taking necessary responsibilities.

2.Talk About Your Expectations

If you have a stay-at-home husband, there are certain things you would expect him to do in the house. Make sure you let him know and not assume that he knows. Have that sincere conversation so you both can agree on his role/ roles.

3.Don’t Use Money as a Form of Power

When you make more, it can be easy to feel like you have more power when it comes to decisions. Wrong! If you want your relationship to survive when you make more, you can’t use money as a form of power when it comes to decisions, purchases, etc.

Remember, you are a team. Your partner doesn’t want it held over their head that you make more — which could be emasculating and is undoubtedly unhelpful.

4.Discuss Your Financial Goals

Finance is one of the leading reasons for divorce. If you don’t want money to come between you and your partner, you both have to discuss and agree on your financial goals. Income starts to matter less when you discuss your goals and dreams for the future, together.

5.Don’t Keep Record Of Financial Imbalance

You don’t have to keep a score or record of your financial imbalance in the family over the years. You can encourage your partner to start a side job or discuss things he can start doing. If it’s about time, communicate with each other and explain that you need more help around the house and with running errands.

6.Keep A Positive Attitude

Being the breadwinner can be very challenging and tasking, the pressure can even get to you. No matter what, keep a positive attitude all through. Believe you both will pull will through the tough times.

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