Watch Moment Actress Keke Palmer Tells National Guard Soldiers ‘March Beside Us’ During Protest

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Actress, Keke Palmer was seen lending her voice for a good cause on Tuesday during the protest as she beseeched members of the National Guard to march with Black Lives Matter protesters in Hollywood.

The 26-year-old star made her plea with the National Guardsmen deployed on the streets and asked a group of them to march with the protesters.

Although they insisted they couldn’t leave the intersection to march with the protesters, the guardsmen eventually knelt with them instead.

In recent times, the action of ‘taking a knee’ has become synonymous with NFL player Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand during the United States national anthem in light of police brutality against people of color.

Keke Palmer is a popular black American actress who has starred in movies like Akeelah and the Bee and whose recent credits include Hustlers and Berlin Station.

She said, “You have to understand what’s going on, We have a president who’s trying to incite a race war.”

“We need you, So march with us. March beside us. You get your people. March beside us. March beside us. Let the revolution be televised.”

At that point, one Guardsman extended his hand, but Palmer said: “No, no, no — let’s just do it. We start marching, and you march with us. Please.”

Below is the video of the incident that was originally recorded by NBC News’ Gadi Schwartz but has now gone viral all over twitter.

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The nationwide protests are in response to the killing of Minneapolis man George Floyd last month. (May 25).