7 Safety Tips For Pregnant Women To Stay Safe During COVID-19

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The level of anxiety in the community regarding the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic is currently high, as with every virus comes paranoia, hence, it’s no surprise a lot of people are concerned about the potential bump on pregnant women and their babies.

However, If you feel anxious and worried about your own health and that of your family, you’re not alone. It’s comprehendable to be concerned in such uncertain times.

Tips On How Pregnant Women Can Cope During This Period

1. Practice Social Distancing:

Although research currently shows that pregnant women are not at high risk as other people, its still important they practice more social distancing i.e Avoiding contact with anyone displaying symptoms of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), avoiding public transport when possible, working from home, where possible, avoiding large and small gatherings in public spaces, particularly in closed or confined spaces.

The community can also play a large role by keeping their distance from pregnant women as much as possible and that they should have designated toilets for them in public spaces.

 2. Wash and sanitize your hands frequently

It is necessary to wash your hands thoroughly with soap several times a day for at least 20 seconds. If you are in a place where water is not available, then keep using an alcohol-based sanitiser to clean the hands.

3. Try online check ups

If possible, switch regular visits to the hospital for online check-ups. The hospital isn’t the safest place at this period, so you want to minimize your visits to avoid contracting the virus except its very important.

More importantly use telephone, texting or online services to contact your midwife, obstetrician, and other essential services.

4. Get as much sleep as possible

It is important for pregnant women to keep the body and mind fully energetic. To keep the body and mind energetic, you need to get enough sleep. It has been proved in many researches that by getting enough sleep each day, our body’s immunity increases amazingly. If your immunity is good, you can easily avoid many health problems. Along with this, moments of rest are very important for the baby growing in your womb. So do not compromise and make sure you get enough sleep.

5. Monitor your breathing and other new symptoms

Breathing is so simple, so effective, and so under-rated! A calm, slow breath regulates the brain and the body, while anxiety does the opposite. Be conscious of your breath. If you also notice any new symptom, contact  your doctor immediately.

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6. Have a back-up plan for you and your baby

Feeling more relaxed and comfortable is the goal, so having a back-up plan in the event you or your partner contract COVID-19 after you give birth, who would you trust to take care of, or assist you in taking care of your baby? Note that at this time elderly parents may not be suited to taking care of your baby, seeing as they are at high risk.

Ensure any extra hands have followed a health check or procedure.

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7. Take the time each day to do something that relaxes you

Relaxation could be anything e.g stretching, cooking, or reading a good book. Staying away from the media is also a good idea.

Nature is a great tool for everyone and getting some fresh air can be refreshing. If you’re staying inside, take a look at the vast array of yoga or other exercise videos available online.

Overall, everyone shouldn’t forget the significance of handwashing in the community. “Handwashing and COVID are not friends”.