Kelly Rowland’s New Video ‘Crown’ Encourages Women To Love Their Natural Hair No Matter What

American Singer, Kelly Rowland is encouraging women all over the world to embrace their hair irrespective of societal stereotypes in society in the new video for her song, “Crown.”

“Crown” is Rowland’s latest power song, and is a call for women everywhere to embrace self-identity through their hair styles. Many women have felt bullied in the past for wearing their hair in certain ways, and Rowland is no exception.

The video opens with young girls, who’ve faced adversity when it comes to their hair, sharing their truth—one by one. As the video continues, they all join Kelly in celebrating their uniqueness—a moving three minutes, to say the least.

Watch the full video below and consider “Crown” the go-to anthem for the next generation of girls to wear their hair loud and proud.