Lady Shares Inspiring Story Of How She Broke 21-Year-Old Jinx in Her Department

A Nigerian lady, Mary Jesulade, has revealed how she broke a 21-year-old jinx in her department.

Jesulade graduated from Lautech with a first-class from the Department of Biochemistry.

Sharing her story on Linked-In,  she revealed how she ignored naysayers who cautioned her for choosing a difficult department.

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You call the shots! 

Gaining admission into the University did not come easy for me and when I eventually did, it was as though all hell was let loose. Starting from the registration period, everyone I came across had something cynical to say about my department.

It was no news in school that my department had a reputation of being difficult and had not produced any First-class graduate since its inception in the year 2000. It got so bad I consciously had to stop telling people in my department to avoid the drama and negative flow of words that would follow.

At first, things people said almost got at me, but then I told myself this truth:

“People will always air their opinion on subject matters, but it’s left to you to manage these opinions the best way you can and prove them right or wrong”

With God on my side, I told myself I was going to do the unimaginable and achieve the so-called impossible feat. One thing I realized early enough was that “success and failure start from the mind”.

I put in measures to guard my mind and tune out all negativity. When I received my first-semester result, it was sufficient motivation to continue the journey. When I resumed 200 level, some senior colleagues on getting to know about my 100 level result advised me to cross to another department so that I could safeguard my First class result and graduate with it. Nonetheless, I was convinced beyond doubt that I was in the right department and that I would emerge as the pioneer First class graduate.

Events took a twist as my CGPA kept decreasing from 100level 2nd semester and at the end of 300level 2nd semester, I was at the brink of dropping into Second Class.

Was I afraid at this point? Yes!!!

Did I consider giving up on my dream? NO!!!

I kept working hard, putting in my very best. A ray of hope came along with my 400level 1st-semester result as my CGPA increased for the very first time by 0.01. Oh my… fresh zeal and aim became the driving force. The end was in sight and my dream was about to be born.

The journey continued alongside several issues, a prominent one was having to undergo surgery in my final semester which went haywire when the surgical site refused to heal up for about 2 months. I was in pain preparing for my final exams. But in all, I could see the reliable hand of God working everything out beautifully for me.

When I received my 500level 2nd-semester result, the area titled “cumulative class” had boldly written beneath it “FIRST CLASS”. The first-ever in the history of the Biochemistry Department. At last, it manifested, the dream was actualized and I can’t thank God enough because assuredly, I wouldn’t have made it but for his mercy and grace.

These words of mine shaped me:

“Never permit anyone to determine what you can or cannot do, what you can or cannot achieve. You alone should do that!”

“Always remember that your mind is your greatest weapon, ensure to wield it properly.”