8 Ankara Items Every Stylish Woman Should Have

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With the recent trend in the fashion world, Ankara has evolved from just clothing to being made into accessories.

The fusion of Ankara accessories with casual and cooperate outfits seem to be appealing, fashionable and trendy.

These are 8 beautiful and trendy accessories made from Ankara that would totally blow your mind.

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1.Ankara Bracelets

Ladies often wear bracelets to compliment the hand and outfit. Ankara bracelets are beautiful as well as fashionable as it compliments any type of outfits.

2.Ankara Bags

We all know the handbag is a necessity for every lady. Lovely bags that would make you look chic and classy have been made from Ankara ranging from chain bags, handbags to purse.

It’s a must-have for all ladies.

3. Ankara Belts

When you want a touch of fabric or Africa on your outfit, Ankara belt is the best choice. You can boldly rock the Ankara belts as it fits any kind of outfit. Also, you don’t have to worry about color combinations.

4.Eye Glasses

If you think you look too nerdy in your regular eye glasses, Ankara eye glasses have come to the rescue. You can perfectly rock the Ankara eye glasses and sun shades.

Huggies Nappy Pants

5. Earrings

Ankara earrings are simply amazing as it suits any kind of outfits and can be made into different shapes and sizes.


Just imagine checking the time and being constantly reminded of the African root. You can rock these trendy fashion items with your African print material or any other outfit all gorgeously designed to match the trend.


Being African is beautiful, rocking an Ankara neck-piece is more beautiful. Your unique style can be created by rocking these amazing Ankara neck-piece.

8.Foot Wears

Good shoes lead you to good places. You can rock Ankara footwear to match your outfits. Types of Footwears made from Ankara are sneakers, sandals, shoes with heels, flat shoes and many more.