These 12 Ankara Shift Dress Styles Are The Stylish Addition Your Wardrobe Needs Right Away

An Ankara shift dress is that stylish outfit that is partly a short dress and a dress-shirt. It combines the quality of both to give you a super-comfy outfit that is very easy to style.

Although many of us do not know them as shift dresses, once we get you acquainted with some trendy photos, you will surely start looking forward to having one as well.

Like we said earlier, the Ankara shift dress is very comfy due to the fact that it is not form-fitting and so doesn’t restrict your movement whatsoever.

They also come in very simple designs that you can glam up with accessories and your choice of shoes or simply rock them laid back with some sneakers.

Here are 12 photos we thought you should see

1. Rhonkefella schools us on how to slay an Ankara shift dress

2. Mix match your Ankara fabric to stun like this

3. We love Mimi Onalaja in her Ankara shift dress too

4. You can add lace detailing as well

5. Retro vibes in Ankara shift dress

6. Don’t forget to wear a smile with your Ankara shift dress Like Ella Mo

7. Grace Alex is bae in an Ankara shift dress

8. Another chic way to rock it is with stylish bell-sleeves

9. Hands up if you love Jackie Appiah’s outfit

10. Another Ankara shift dress style that is simple and gorgeous

11. Flaunt it, if you’ve got it

12. Ankara shift dress is a definite yes for street style