5 Obvious Signs That Your Skincare Routine Is Not Working

We all want very flawless and bright skin. I mean, we literally wear makeup and complexion products to mimic the look of perfect skin and make us look extra beautiful.

However, sometimes, our skincare products are not necessarily the best for our skin and might actually be causing us more harm than good.

There are certain signs you should look out for when you start a new skincare routine to know if the products you are using are not good for you. Here are five of them.

1. Redness

If you use any skincare product and your skin starts getting red patches, then there is a problem somewhere. Skin reactions like this are as a result of your skin not agreeing with some ingredients in the product.

Make sure you are observant of all the things you are using on your skin so that you can trace the product that might be causing this.

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2. Excessive oiliness

If you use a certain moisturizer or you are following a particular routine and you notice that your skin is excessively oily, then there is a problem. Excessive oiliness is sometimes a sign that your skin is trying to protect you from some harsh ingredients in your products by over moisturising your skin.

3. Skin tightness

This one usually is a red flag after you use a cleanser or serum. If your skin feels so tight that you cannot really open your mouth with feeling a little pain, then you should probably do more research on that item. Some cleansers are very drying and irritating because they contain sodium Laureth sulfate.

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4.Acne Breakouts

If you normally do not have skin that is prone to acne breakouts or you aren’t close to your period and you are having frequent acne breakouts, then it is time for you to analyse the items you are using in your routine. Some items are not to be paired together while some are comedogenic and can easily clog your pores.

5. Itchiness

This is one major red flag when it comes to skincare because itchiness is usually as a result of the presence of bacteria. If you use a product or follow a routine and your skin begins to itch afterwards, try staying clear to those products for a few days to see what will happen.

Ifeoma Nnewuihe is a Nigerian writer living and working in Lagos, Nigeria. She has a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in English and Literary Studies from the University of Lagos. In her spare time, Ifeoma draws and engages in competitive sports.