10 Brazilian Wool Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Protective Styling

Brazilian wool hairstyles are great protective styles that you can choose from. This is because they last longer than many other protective styles.

If you need to know the styles to wear, check out the latest Brazilian wool hairstyles this season.

Wool hairstyles are inexpensive and can be worn for a longer period of time as long as they receive proper maintenance.

Here are 10 latest Brazilian wool hairstyles you should definitely try:

1 Faux Locs are totally trendy right now


2. These short faux locs are great for a unique style


3. These faux locs are also great when you want to go all black.


4. You can also try coloured wool

5. Jumbo Braids always look good


6. These long locs are great for when you want to style a bun or any other neat style.

7. Long Twists are chic and can be styled in many ways

Huggies Nappy Pants

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8. This style is for Kinky braids lovers.

9. The crochet wool is also lovely.

10. If long hair is not your thing, try short faux locs