10 Thought Provoking Things Jumoke Adenowo Said On King Woman That Every Woman Needs To know

Access Bank’s Accelerate TV had a webseries – King Women directed by Kemi Adetiba and they featured Jumoke Adenowo an award-winning Nigerian architect, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, as well as a speaker, radio host, and author.

An architect by profession, Jumoke is an exceptional and an intelligent woman with a difference.

Her intelligence on many matters is obvious as she discussed submission in marriage, the state of architecture in Nigeria, her opinion on marriage and some words for women generally.

Here are some words she had for women:

1. You must have a purpose in your life that is beyond your significant half. Once your significant half becomes the centre of your gravity, you are caught, you are finished, and you are nullified.

2. Emotions are not reality. A lot of times what we think is Love is mere infatuation. Give that feeling time to grow and you will see that after a while, it becomes more rational.

3. Not dating at the moment doesn’t make you unaware of the fact that marriage is important it just means you are not doing trial and error.

4. Never see the man as a price because if the man is a price every sister is rival and not an ally because we are fighting for the same price.

5. Marriage is not your purpose. It’s a vehicle to destiny; it’s a vehicle to purpose.

6. Volunteering for jobs that won’t bring physical remuneration might seem like a fool business but you are gaining experience and it’s building your portfolio.

7. There is a great difference between submission and obedience. Submission is realising you have power and deliberately dropping it while obedience is accepting a rule because you have no power.

8.Women need to support women because nobody understands a woman like a woman does.

9. If you are blessed to have three true friends, you can go through anything in life.

10. You need to be careful who you tell your secrets to because women use secrets against each other when they quarrel and you will invariably quarrel.



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