5 Life Lessons To Learn From Actress, Beverly Naya

Actress, Beverly Naya was born in London as the only child of her Nigerian parents.

At 17, she began acting while studying philosophy, psychology, and sociology at Brunel University. She also studied script-writing and film-making at Roehampton University.

In an interview, she once explained that she relocated to Nigeria because of the rapid growth of Nollywood, and the opportunities that it creates for aspiring actors.  In just a short while of arriving on the Nigerian entertainment scene, she has made quite a name for herself and it is apparent with her strides and awards.

She recently launched her new women’s ready-to-wear fashion brand called Be Naya, which is a short form for her name. It debuted with a range of dresses, jumpsuits, and stylish sets in Ankara print for the everyday woman.

Below are some life lessons to learn from the delectable actress.

A Profile On Beautiful Nollywood Actress, Beverly Naya As She Turns A Year Older

1. Do not be afraid of hard work

If you pay close attention to Beverly Naya’s background and education, you will realize that she was not afraid of going all out. At some point, she was said to have been studying more than 3 courses at the same time all because she had a passion for the arts, and today, it has paid off.

2. Pay your dues

Since she did not start her acting career in Nigeria, the actress’s move to Nollywood was slow but steady. She was not afraid of working hard for what she wanted. She began acting in small roles, proving to directors and producers that she was worth their attention, and today, everyone that matters in the movie industry knows that she is a bundle of talents.

3. Be respectful

Going through Naya’s page, you will not fail to realize that the actress is very humble and respectful. Because she knows that there were others in the industry ahead of her who know a lot more, she pays her dues to them.

4. Put yourself out there

If you are beautiful, flaunt it. If you have got a nice figure, accentuate it. Good in public speaking? let people know. Can dance, why not show it? Have great hair? style it to advantage. If you do not put yourself out there, nobody that matters will know you exist and Beverly has proved just that.

5. Let people identify you for something

One thing that quickly shot Beverly out in the limelight was her love for fashion coupled with the fact that her style was unusual. Rocking her natural hair, she wears really fascinating outfits and before long, brands were seeking her out to appear in movies and even model.

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