Lizzy Anjorin Jewellry Photos

Lizzy Anjorin Has Unique Taste In Jewellry And Here Is Proof

Lizzy Anjorin, is a versatile and sensational Nollywood actress who has so much talent, it is amazing.

7 Ghanaian Celebrities Who Have Made A Name For Themselves In Nollywood

The fair complexioned beauty always knows the exact way to finish off a role, no wonder so many people adore her.

Not only is she a bunch of talents, she is also a very sharp business woman who is so dedicated to her customers and business, you cannot help but love her.

Her style is vibrant, bold, unique and everything beautiful. Is there any other reason why she went into the clothing business? We guess not.

Below are some of her amazing photos showcasing her jewellry.

1. Take a look at this spectacular earring she wore here

PART 7…. This is where I learnt to treat kids equally; I was told that Garri and Epa are the same with cornflakes by Big sister(Daddy K’s younger sis)..ofcos garri was my own flakes it was not funny the day I got to know the different between the two. It was on a fateful day while I was setting table for the beautiful children(though it was my normal routine), I would add cornflakes, water, sugar and milk together then put it on the table for the children  to drink, so one of the kids put a spoon in my mouth and I was wondered why you(Aunty Ronke) lied to me that cornflakes is the same with Garri and Epa, but the slap i got sent me back to reality just bcos one of the kids put a spoon of cornflakes in my mouth, I still can’t forget how grandma slapped the hell out of my mouth that day.. After few weeks, grandma was about 65yrs then, someone wrote a love letter, stole daddy’s money from his pocket and planted it in my Poly bag.. Daddy was going to work that day and he couldn’t find his money where he kept it, so he was mad and searched for his money thoroughly, so Grandma made a suggestion that they should search my bag, but to my greatest surprise; as they turned my bag upside down, they found my rags under and the love letter with daddy’s money was on top… I am writing this with tears bcos u made me see demon face to face at such a tender age, I was  sent back ‘half-dead, i was blackmailed and tortured mercilessly on something i knew nothing about… On my way back to my mum, tears couldn’t let me see road well, so i was knocked down by a hit and run danfo at Alasia bus top, i was covered wit blood, i got to my mother’s hideout but my mother closed her eyes and sent me away.. Maami, u kept saying; Eganmidogo iwo omodeyi iran meji oki tosi.. It was Oke at mathew street, Pero, that brought hot water and cleaned me up b4 i proceeded to an uncompleted building(ile alagba) at daddy savage street… Maami, I attempted to commit suicide like 3times and u told me to go ahead.. You used to say; shio, the strength u’ve to kill yourself —–wait for  PT 8—- #lifeofneglectedchild #lifeofadeadlystreetchild #destinyisabastardbcositsunpredictable #dntlaughatmyflaws‎

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2. This is too sweet for words

3. Her pieces are so uncommon

Prt 1….My journey into ISLAM. .. On the 8th of January 2012.  I called my uncle, Baba Lanre…please, come and help me give my mum her food stuffs, drugs and monthly allowance. There will be strike tomorrow. My uncle left. At exactly 12:30 pm that same day, Baba Lanre  called. “Solape, Eganmidogo. Mama ti ku oo”. I laughed and end the call. He called back again. “Didn’t you hear what I said? Mama ti ku. Infact she had fish in her hand and her mouth. Then I realised what has hit me, I picked my car key and rushed down to where she was. That was the day I realised that if any child decide to be a bad child you will face your shame alone..because where you are suppose to spend money ti o ba ri owo yo that shame can ruin you ….hmmm. But meanwhile, two days before that day. My able Speaker of Lagos State Hon. Mudashir Obasa  was an Honourable Member before he became the Speaker. I use to drop any of my goods  in his office. I don’t know if he took out of the goods or not…kokanmi. I know Egbon will pay for the goods. Once I spoil my mouth and say Egbon Mi, patronise me don’t let me be jobless. He will just say oya drop it ..atimes I will drop over size palm slippers ..he will say Lizzy this slippers is to big ….I will say Egbon Mi, please give it to your Ward members ??. Hon. called me that faithful Friday.  He said, “Lizzy where are you? Come and collect your money. There will be strike on Monday or do you have any money that will sustain  you during the strike”? I shouted … rara sir o, I am behind your office sir. I spent the whole day hustling up and down somewhere in  Ogun State to sell my WosiWosi. He called  around 11am in the morning . This Egbon waited in his office till 6:30pm. He paid me my money and also gave me….Part 2 Loading….#ParentOverEvrything #TakecareofyourparentIfyouHaveOne

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4. Just look at how gorgeous this is

The name of this outfit is …..SENETOR’S WIFE. (IYAWO SENETOR ???)

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5. This is simple but lovely

Tomorrow is our official opening day but due to the law of the complex their won’t be any party, just come in and patronize us…. People have been coming group by group to do official opening under ground, infact we’ve done over sixteen opening within these past weeks.. . Some sweet sisters are coming today to do their own opening; @jumarash  is coming today with 20 guest plus food and drinks bcos she is having an event tomorrow.. When u have good people behind u, wahalai u can never be organized bcos they will keep making you change your plan for good cause and everybody go wan impose on u and bcos I appreciate their support and undiluted love, i must bend to their opinion bcos they’re God sent… If u want to join us today no problem.. To everybody that has been wishing me well, thank you so much, your comments goes a long way in my heart and I pray good thing will never seize from your household… Don’t forget  to follow @lizzy_anjorin_clothings for our latest designs.. God bless us all‎ .‎ WHAT WE SELL AT THE MOMENT;-‎ *We buy and sell REAL GOLD – strictly 18 Carats *SENEGALESE‎ *PREMIUM FABRICS AND PRINTS *MALE AND FEMALE TAILORING AND STYLING *ABAYA *JALABIYA *SENEGAL AND GAMBIA EMBROIDERED *FABRIC STUDDING‎ *GANILA AGBADA – BUBA AND SOKOTO‎ *GAZNNER AGBADA – BUBA AND SOKOTO *ITALIAN FLOSH PATTERN 100% COTTON AGBADA *BROGADE AGBADA – BUBA AND SOKOTO *PLAIN ITALIAN COTTON AGBADA *COSTUME JEWERIES .‎ LIZZY ANJORIN CLOTHINGS is situated @ ROAD 5, SHOP i323, IKOTA SHOPPING COMPLEX, VGC, LEKKI LAGOS… .‎ For enquiries;  Call: 08027546250, 07055555861 IG: @lizzyanjorinclothings Email:‎ #smallgirlwithbigbrainwitbiggestGod #eganmidogo #gracetograce #yenukunmen #ceo #33yrsinbusiness #ladyofsubstance? #realqueenofbusiness‎‎

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6. Absolutely love this one

Chk @lizzy_anjorin_clothings for more details of this beautiful outfit…our island office OPEN SOON . GREEDINESS IS HIGHWAY TO POVERTY.!! GREEDINESS will make u always ask for more, no matter what they give you- you always believe the person can give u something better; u always show attitude, especially to people that are not your family.. You meet them on a neutral ground and all ur thinking is about what they will give u, without minding what they are going through at the moment; u forget they might ve their personal problem too, yet they go out of their way to make u happy or give u a token.. My dear, u should be grateful and be prayerful, because they are not ur parent neither ur family. . Why is ur expectation from people so high, why do u like bragging about what u don’t have and why do u like spitting shits and thinking evil towards ur helpers??… Some ve killed their benefactor 2ru weapon or mouth and forgotten that the person that give them something is God sent… Because of  greediness and ungrateful spirit, lots of people out there have missed their chances before their benefactors and they forget that ”he who lose benefactor due to greediness loses God’s grace”. The repercussion of betraying ur benefactor is so huge than what you can imagine; it can leads to life poverty or sudden death.. . When u see a good Samaritan, treat them well because they are God sent and don’t talk evil about them, instead, praise them, pray for them.. Because if ur God sent is happy, you will always find yourself in IGARA CHICKEN MOOD??.. Don’t be too greedy: give 65% of your prayer to your benefactors and don’t be too eager to become a BOSS because not everybody are born to rule; some are born to rule while some are born to serve. We all know that the house maids/errand personnel of our former president are more richer than some governors ?.. Don’t beef your boss because everything is rosy for him(he bought new cars, new house); he might be on deadly loan, don’t dream beyond your budget: dream towards your ambition and don’t destroy your reputation in any situation you find yourself.. be guided and be warned‎!!! .Strictly for my famz?

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7. The detail! Ohh, the details in this beautiful earring

80% of Men are born polygamist; don’t go too far about them. Ladies: be much concern about what you ve in your bank account or in ur brain to make a living before you start showing him off to ur friends or uploading ‘him kneeling and giving promise ring to you on social media” always ask urself this question “I’m I mentally, financially and spiritually sound?? Men can do unthinkable things to get  u, but hey! Shine ur eyes, try to study your king well cos some men turn monster when they are financially down.  Are you ready to give little back out of the money he spent on u? Do you give him gift often? Though, no matter how generous, financial or spiritual stable you are, or how good you are on bed or in the kitchen will not  satisfy MEN… Some men say worst and evils things about their women when funny things happen to their job/career… Some men will just look at you and stylishly mock you with your flaws, some men are mummy’s/family’s pet, can u endure that?? Another secret is that; some men derives joy in making their women cry or go through unbearable pains; some men can sleep with ur house help or ur friends but that does not make him a bad person and that doesn’t mean you should quit instead, buckle-up and raise your head high, be positive and work harder- better things are ahead of you… Incase you find yourself in an unpleasant relationship(note; unpleasant is different from abusive) and you don’t ve a better offer yet, pls don’t quit or give attitude(bcos d next man can be more disastrous) between U and I; some of our past relationship are far better than the one we are into presently that’s why an adage says: a bird at hand is better than millions in the bush so be calm and steady, make sure u dance or engage urself in other exercises; pray hard; get a good confidant; talk often with your friends(not d ones that’s eyeing ur man o cos he/she will turn Al-jazeerah) and check your BP often, these five things play a very crucial role in ladies life.. “She slept and die, she want to give birth and die, the worst is; she was vomiting blood, they used her for rituals” hell No!!.. If you don’t take good care of urself pple will mock ‘ur enemy’ on sick bed

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8. Even wearing costume, she looks fab

Imagine u walk into an event like this.. I name this outfit “MRS FASHOLA” ofcos, we all know what HON MINISTER BABATUNDE RAJI FASHOLA (SAN) loves most ????? . . WHAT WE SELL AT THE MOMENT;- *We buy and sell REAL GOLD – strictly 18 Carats *SENEGALESE *PREMIUM FABRICS AND PRINTS *MALE AND FEMALE TAILORING AND STYLING *ABAYA *JALABIYA *SENEGAL AND GAMBIA EMBROIDERED *FABRIC STUDDING‎ *GANILA AGBADA – BUBA AND SOKOTO‎ *GAZNNER AGBADA – BUBA AND SOKOTO *ITALIAN FLOSH PATTERN 100% COTTON AGBADA *BROGADE AGBADA – BUBA AND SOKOTO‎ *PLAIN ITALIAN COTTON AGBADA *COSTUME JEWERIES .‎ LIZZY ANJORIN CLOTHINGS is situated @ ROAD 5, SHOP i323, IKOTA SHOPPING COMPLEX, VGC, LEKKI LAGOS… .‎ For enquiries;  Call: 08027546250, 07055555861  #smallgirlwithbigbrainwitbiggestGod #eganmidogo #gracetograce #yenukunmen #ceo #ladyofsubstance? #realqueenofbusiness‎

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9. Sitting pretty like a queen

This 3D Aso-Oke is a party killer.. That look you give when your attire is more beautiful than others.. ‎I am telling you this as a Fashion Queen; these are the people that  can rock complete Aso Oke with no questioning; New bride(ur look on ur engagement day se koko) In-law(as mother in law ur look determine how dey will respect ur child after gbogbo e) 40th-50th-60th-70th birthday(u deserve to make urself look new so u can wear aso oke) ofcos 80th upward birthday must be Damask (ipo agba lanbagba) Giving last respect to any of your sweet parent, complete aso oke is not bad atall to standout as omo oloku of infront of the house not oloku eyin ilekun ?… If you want to oppress pata pata, consult me to handle all ur attires… Don’t wait for your intro mimon or engagementation ?? before rocking Aso oke or any nice attires… Tell ur friends or fams to consult me for any kind of event on what to wear for people to know your existence is not a mistake…. If  u want your in law to eat u raw or u want your boo side chick to dance ONE CORNER with life transformer, then u must visit ???? ROAD 5, SHOP i323, IKOTA SHOPPING COMPLEX, VGC, LEKKI LAGOS with no delay .. . WHAT WE SELL AT THE MOMENT;- *We buy and sell REAL GOLD – strictly 18 Carats *SENEGALESE *PREMIUM FABRICS AND PRINTS *MALE AND FEMALE TAILORING AND STYLING‎ *ABAYA *JALABIYA *SENEGAL AND GAMBIA EMBROIDERED *FABRIC STUDDING‎ *GANILA AGBADA – BUBA AND SOKOTO‎ *GAZNNER AGBADA – BUBA AND SOKOTO *ITALIAN FLOSH PATTERN 100% COTTON AGBADA *BROGADE AGBADA – BUBA AND SOKOTO‎ *PLAIN ITALIAN COTTON AGBADA *COSTUME JEWERIES .‎ For enquiries; Call: 08027546250, 07055555861  #smallgirlwithbigbrainwitbiggestGod  #eganmidogo #gracetograce #yenukunmen #ceo  #ladyofsubstance? #realqueenofbusiness‎

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10. The jewellry extends even to her teeth

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