Get Your Hair On Fleek With This Frizzy Hairstyle Tutorial By Naturallytemi

Styling natural hair is one of the hurdles faced by those who have natural hair. They get to visit the salon always or wear wigs to rescue their hair from getting messy. We understand these challenges and we have brought you a simple way you can style your hair.

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Beauty Youtuber, Temitope Adesina known as Naturally Temi recently shared a 4- minute video that showed us how to style a kinky or frizzy hairstyle.

According to her:

I dont know about y’all but sometimes, I get tired of the perfect curls. I get tired of definition, and I just wanna rock my hair undefined, frizzy and free. Im sure some of y’all can relate. So thats exactly what I did today, I rocked my hair unapologetically frizzy and I got so many compliments when I went out.

Watch how she creates the frizzy hairstyle in this video.