This Is How Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Is Promoting Freedom Of Expression

Best selling Author and Nobel Prize winner, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has  merged personal aesthetics with political values in a collaboration with the fine jewelry brand Foundrae collaboration with Foundrae.

The Feminist activist explained that proceeds from the sales of the “Freedom of Expression” medallion neck-pieces will go to PEN America, whose mission is to protect worldwide free expression.

Adichie explains the meaning of the design

I was thinking about what I wanted to remember this time. We’re living in a time where I feel a sense of urgency because—and it’s not just America—I think the Western world is moving to the right.

I grew up thinking of America as a place where certain things would never happen, politically. I no longer think that because all of the things that happened in Nigeria when I was growing up, which was a military dictatorship, are happening here.

chimamanda ngozi adichie sexual assault

You can just sense it, there really isn’t the rule of law. You get the sense that institutions are not as strong and resilient as you thought, you even get the sense that the president can just bring in anybody from his family to become part of [the] government in a way that makes no sense. That’s classic in many African countries. I’m mourning an idea of America that I used to hold very close.

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Speaking about the collaboration she says:

I was very happy to do this collaboration because I deeply admire PEN and PEN’s work. PEN has saved writers’ lives. PEN has made it possible for many writers to write. I’ve been a member for years. And to do something I love, something to do with fashion, that helps PEN? Are you kidding? Yes!