Nigerian Doctor Shares Shocking Reason Why DNA Of A New Born Child And It’s Parents May Not Match

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It is sad that in this time and age, many people feel the need to pay others before they can conceive a child.

It is bad that the quest to get pregnant has led many women to indulge in different acts that would have adverse effects on their marriage in the long run.

The ideal thing is to await the natural conceiving process, or try a scientifically proven medical process. However, many prefer to patronize baby factories.

A baby factory is a place where women pay a huge sum of money to get medications which they believe will help them conceive. This is obviously as there is more than meets the eyes with baby factories.

The reports of baby factories in Nigeria have been on an increase, and the authorities has work tirelessly, putting in their best to step in, as it is illegal. There are many stories on what goes on at these places, and a medical practitioner on Twitter, Dr. Nwaneki shares the experience of one of her patients.

The story reveals that getting a baby from a baby factory is one of the causes of mismatched DNAs, which leads to the crashing of many marriages.

Here is the story:

Stop Patronizing Baby factories in the name of Miracle/Posterior/Hidden pregnancy!
I met this lady in clinic some weeks ago. She complained she’s not feeling her baby’s kicks at all at 7 months.
While taking history, I discovered she had been duped.

The couple had not been able to conceive for 8 years. So she was referred to one ‘madam China’ in Ozubulu Anambra State.
She was charged an initial amount of 450k, to pay 350k when the process was over and was placed on some monthly injections, with the warning to not go for scan.

After much probing, I did an ultrasound scan of her abdomen.
When she saw her womb was empty, she went berserk. After wailing, we counseled her and placed her on some meds to return her menses.

Here’s what these criminals do:
The moment you pay, they get one of their ‘baby machines’ pregnant.
Then, they pump you with hormones that block your menses and warn you not to go for scan elsewhere.
Hypnosis, fear and false hope messes your mind up, and your tummy begins to swell.

After 9 months, their factory must have delivered, they admit you for a Cesarean section, cut you open and close up without touching your womb.
You go home with your bastard & they, their millions.
Years later, failed DNA tests will crash your home.

Be wise!”

See her tweet below

Huggies Nappy Pants

The increasing DNA stories should be a deterrent to women to stop indulging baby factories.

It is understandable that there is a long way to go in spreading and exposing the vices of baby factories.

We all have a role to play in the enlightenment process if we want to stop baby factories.

It is a terrible menace, and we cannot allow it strive!