Tired of Processed Food? Here Are Some Homemade Snacks You Can Easily Make

There are times that you just want to have something nutritious to eat, yet it has to be something fun or extremely pleasant.

Here are some homemade snacks from flour you can make yourself:

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1. Meat-pie

This snack goes into the oven. Meat pies are known to be rich in protein and vitamins due to the meat and vegetable content. The pie makes it better.

2. Corn Dogs

When making them, you make a thick semi-dough of corn flour. Ensure that the dogs are already cooked before you wrap the semi-dough round it. Deep-fry the semi-dough, and get your corn dogs ready.

3. Doughnuts

You can sprinkle the doughnuts with sugar if you are a sugar lover. Also you can make strawberry or chocolate dips and take them with your doughnuts.

4. Hot Dogs

Take those dogs with mustard, ketchup or mayonnaise- or all three of them! It’ll get you licking your lips.

5. Samosa

This minced-meat pastry is absolutely delicious. You can always take it with spring rolls, puff puff, mosa and chicken, in a pack of small chops.

However, you can take samosa with a bottle of chilled Zobo or soft drinks, and get nourished.

6. Egg Roll

This spectacular protein-rich snack gets you going wherever you are.

At work and don’t have much time to take a meal? Quickly grab your homemade egg roll from your bag, washing it down with a cold drink or beverage.

7. Muffins

They are healthier than cupcakes and more of a ‘food’ than a snack. Muffins can be made with wheat flour or all-purpose flour, depending on how you want it. The batter is not smooth like that of cupcake.

Meanwhile, muffin is lumpy and garnished with mix-ins such as chocolate chips, nuts, dried fruits and other nutritious supplements.

8. Spring Roll


This vegetable-rich snack is perfect for everyone, including vegetarians. Take this snack with small chops or alone, washing it down with a bottle of beer or soft drink.

9. Cinnamon Roll

You can make this with apples, meat, chocolate or pecan nuts. However, don’t forget your cinnamon syrup!

Make this delicious snack and take it with a bottle of wine or a cup of milk. Your mouth will ask for more.

10. Chin Chin

Take this snack to keep your mouth busy. Moreover, you get to sweeten your mouth with it if it gets too dry after some hours of being so busy.