7 Things To Know As Senate Passes Bill Against Sexual Harassment In Tertiary Institutions

A bill seeking to protect students in tertiary institutions from sexual harassment has been passed by the Nigerian Senate.

This was after it was made the third reading on Tuesday, July 7.

Here are all the things you should know about the bill.

1. The Bill is titled ‘A Bill for an Act to prevent, prohibit and redress Sexual Harassment of students in tertiary educational institutions and for matters concerned therewith, 2019’.

2.  Deputy Senate President, Ovie Omo-Agege, and 106 other senators are the sponsors of the bill.

3. The bill was reintroduced in the Senate on October 9 and scaled second reading on November 6.

4. With 25 clauses, the bill seeks to promote and protect ethical standards in tertiary institutions. It also seeks to protect students against sexual harassment as well as prevent sexual harassment of students by educators in tertiary institutions.

5. The bill also proposes up to 14 years jail term for offenders.

6. The bill was reintroduced to the Senate two days after a BBC documentary exposed two lecturers of the University of Lagos, and a lecturer of the University of Ghana for sexual harassment.

7. The bill will be transmitted to the House of Representatives for concurrence and then sent to the president for assent.