See How This Nigerian Man Celebrated His Wife Who Just Became a 2nd Lieutenant Of The US Army

A Nigerian woman identified as Oluwatobi Al-Bakare has proved that barriers can be broken anywhere as she becomes a Second Lieutenant of the United States Army. The woman was commissioned on Thursday, May 16.

Her husband, Olatunde Bakare had taken to Twitter to celebrate his beautiful wife on her accomplishment at the United States Army.

The husband shared photos of his wife dressed in her official army uniform as she gets commissioned at the student center ballroom A in Bowie State University in George’s County, Maryland.

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The spring 2019 commissioning ceremony had taken place around 1:00 pm. Bakare celebrated his wife and congratulated her in his tweet.

He said: “My amazing wife @TobyAlmaroof will be commissioning today as a Second Lieutenant of the United States Army. Couldn’t be prouder of her accomplishments. Congratulations baby girl.”

A few days later Olatunde also announced that Oluwatobi just bagged her Master’s degree!

The mom of one is a total inspiration for all and she deserves all the accolades.