This Is The Reason Why Female Presidential Aspirant, Eunice Atuejide Is Trending Online

eunice atuejide


Nigeria female presidential aspirant, Eunice Atuejide has caused quite a stir among social media users after she objected to being called a feminist.

Atuejide is seeking to contest the 2019 presidential election under the platform her political party, National Interest Party (NIP).

She took to Twitter on Wednesday to say she dislikes being referred to as a feminist because “the word means too many things, many of which I don’t like”.

It all started when she went online to complain about gender inequality after male presidential candidates had a consultative meeting on Tuesday, July 31, 2018, and left the female aspirants out.

The 39-year-old legal practitioner who founded National Interest Party, NIP, said she believes in an equal and fair Nigeria for all but said she can never be a feminist.

Her words made her lose the support of social media users who told her they wouldn’t vote for her since she couldn’t educate herself on what feminism means.

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Some also took to correcting the presidential aspirant on her views, showing her the true definition of feminism while others outrightly called her out.



After all that had been said Eunice still stood her ground and even created the hashtag #IAmNot Feminist

What do you think of this?

Is Eunice justified?


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