7 Nutritional Benefits Of Unripe Plantain You Didn’t Know Before

Unripe Plantain Nutritional Benefits

We know how this sounds- asking you to forgo the richness and juiciness of ripe plantains and begin to eat unripe ones because we claim it is healthy. Yes! it may sound so gross but your body will thank you for it.

This Is The Best Recipe That Would Teach You How To Prepare Unripe Plantain Porridge

Below are some nutritional benefits of eating unripe plantain:

1. Helps to prevent stomach ulcer                                                                        

Traditional medicine has long stated that unripe plantain is beneficial for its medicinal properties, which also includes an ability to cure ulcer. Also, various studies conducted have shown that unripe plantain contains phytochemical properties such as leucocyanidin which can prevent ulcer.

2. Good for weight loss 

If you want to burn fat fast, replace your ripe plantain with unripe ones. Unripe plantain can help you during your weight loss journey. Unripe plantain helps burn lower tummy fat. Even after you must have stopped your diet, unripe plantain ensures that your body does not store excess fat. One medium unripe plantain contains 220 calories and 57g carbohydrate.

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3.Good for diabetic patients

 Unripe plantain is very low in sugar compared to ripe or over-ripe plantain and this makes it a good choice for diabetics especially when added with another fibre and protein-rich food eg vegetables. Thus, it makes a great choice for preventing diabetes.

4. Medicinal and Therapeutic

Combining unripe plantain with spices like ginger, garlic and onions is a solution to high blood pressure, diabetes, low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, kidney problems, and ulcer. Boiled unripe plantain doled out with red fish stew makes a medicinal and therapeutic dish. The meal is wholesome, delicious and tasty and it is good for those living with diabetes.

5. Immune system booster

The vitamins A and C contained in the fruit act like antioxidants, protecting cells from being damaged and neutralizing the free radicals. This all improves and even boosts your immunity.

6. Skin and health improvement

Since plantain is rich in the vitamin A, you can improve your skin and make it healthier. The same vitamin is great for your eyes too.

7. Protection to kidneys

The fruit can be used as a natural diuretic. In other words, it can improve the urinary function. This, in its turn, can protect your kidneys from various issues while you are pregnant.

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