10 Natural Hairstyles You Can Learn From Actress Omoni Oboli

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Omoni Oboli is one fascinating Nigerian actress who not only leaves every one spell bound with her amazing scripts and acting prowess but also with her lustre natural hair.

She started the natural hair journey a few years back and Omoni has been faithful to the course since then.

Here are 10 different ways she styles her natural hair that you can learn from.

1. The Afro

This is one of Omoni’s favourite looks and it’s a no-brainer. All you need to do is use water sparingly, deep condition, no excessive straightening and you will get your picture-perfect afro.

2. The High Bun

For her high bun, Omoni says;

High bun!!! ??? Hey Naturalista! Leave in conditioners are a must! They leave your hair softer and more manageable! We also love natural oils like shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil and our essential oils. Which is your go to oil?

3.The Twist Out

In her words;

Naturalistas Rock!!! ???. This is a twist out. A twist out is simply a twist that is unraveled. It’s pretty easy. I did it myself. So the night before, divide your hair into sections, as many as you want, and twist. You can wet the hair with a spray bottle of water or twist dry. For more defined curls, twist wet. You can twist with a curling product or leave in conditioner. Sleep with hair in a satin bonnet overnight and untwist in the morning. Rub some oil in your twists before untwisting. You can style any way you want with bobby pins. All I did was take the sides up. Hope this helps! 

4. The Braid

This looks totally good on her and here’s what she had to say about being able to achieve the look.

Our hair needs moisture and it’s very easy to forget to moisturise. Maybe you have been protective styling for a while so your hair has been out of sight and subsequently, out of mind! Lol. Forgetting to moisturize is same as letting all your hard work go to waste. The ends of your hair especially need the most attention because they are the oldest portion of your hair. So moisturise away and experience healthier hair! 

5. The Flat Twist

Her flat twist may look a bit different from the usual but it sure does look good on her. She is consistent with her use of coconut oil and shea butter.

6. The Mohawk

Huggies Nappy Pants

This can be done with a braid on the side, gel and bobby pins.

7. The Simple Up-Do

To achieve a perfect updo, she says;

Quick simple up do! You can rock this anywhere! Even the red carpet! All you need are bobby pins

8. The Fringe

Omoni says;

 This was achieved by unraveling medium twists that were twisted with twisting gel. Only the front was unraveled while the sides were pinned up

9. The Side Bun

This is the same as the high bun but in this case it is pushed to the side.

10. The Flat Twist + Updo

This style is a combination of both the simple updo and the flat twist.