7 Important Things You Should Know Before Dating Someone You Meet Online

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Many ladies are usually skeptical about online dating as many of the men out there have turned out to be fake.

Online dating works for some people while it can be a life-ruining decision for others as there have been one too many negative stories of how men see online dating as an opportunity to lure innocent ladies and girls to take advantage of them under the disguise of giving love.

So before you decide to start dating someone you meet via an online dating platform, read these tips below.

1. Do A Thorough Online Search On His Profile

If you cannot find anything concrete about a person on their profile, you have to be very careful as there are lots of fake profiles online. To spot a fake person, you really need to check his other profiles on all the social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc

You can also do a google search using his name to see all the things that come up. This can help you have an idea of the person you are rolling with and whether to move on or abort mission.

2. Initiate A Video Call

If a person makes excuses all the time concerning video calls like Skype or via phone then that person is hiding something. Video chatting is very common with online dating, so once in a while, start a video call. It is a great way to play safe.

Never ever go further into your relationship with someone online unless you have seen him through on video and vice versa. If they make excuses as to why they don’t want to use a webcam then be wary. Because anyone who doesn’t have anything to hide would not mind showing their face at all.

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3. Ask questions

During conversations, if they distract you from your original questions to make you change the subject or they never really answer your questions or give flimsy answers that do not correspond to your questions, this is also a sign of knowing a fake person.

Ask as many questions as possible to know more about the person.

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4. Don’t get attached too quickly

The downside of online dating is being attracted or attached too easily. You exchange photos with this guy and he is the hottest thing you have set your eyes, the urge to fall in love quickly tends is high and you are even picturing your lives together. but on the flip side, it’s better to take your time and not get attached too easily in order not to appear desperate or get yourself hurt or used.

Guys can easily detect when a lady likes them and make use of that opportunity to take advantage.

5. Try to meet each other in person before you finally start dating

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Before you completely fall in love with someone you met online, make sure you meet each other at least once in a public place(to avoid stories that touch) so that you can better understand and know the person. Pay attention as there are mannerisms and body language that are hidden online that you can easily detect face to face. It helps you make a final decision.

6. Trust your instinct

If you feel that something isn’t right or if you find it difficult to trust the person you’re in contact with then please, go with your instincts. Pay attention to your feelings at all times and also notice if some things simply just don’t add up. You should not be feeling uncomfortable in any way and if this person is making you feel like something fishy is going on – do not ignore the red flags.

7. Make sure you both want the same things from the relationship

 Without common goals, it is very easy to lose track of the future. This goes for every type of relationships but it is an even bigger challenge when you’re dating someone you meet online. It helps to talk about what you both want from each other and from being together.

Do you both eventually want marriage or at least a relationship headed that way? Because if you both want different things, your relationship will eventually feel quite ‘unreal’ or as if it’s not going anywhere. Establish where the relationship is going early on so you both can invest in the relationship without wasting time.