10 Personal Items You Should Never Share With Anyone

A collage of a woman bathing with a sponge, makeup products and a toothbrush

A collage of a woman bathing with a sponge, makeup products and a toothbrush

It’s great to share, and ‘there’s love in sharing’, just like we’ve always heard. However, not everything you use should be shared with someone else.

Even if you have the same DNA as the other person, there are certain things you can’t share. Obviously, items like underwear shouldn’t be shared, but there are still some items you need to take note of.

Here are the items you shouldn’t share with anyone no matter what.

1. Toothbrush

Apart from the fact that this screams gross,  why on earth would anyone one think of sharing a toothbrush?

Under no circumstance should you ever share a toothbrush.

2. Earpiece

Everyone has ear wax, and it’s not certain who has an ear infection or not. Some people even have chronic ear infections that they don’t detect on time.

If you share an earpiece with them, you may contact it or develop an infection yourself even if the other person doesn’t have it.

3. Bathing soap or sponge

Bacteria spread from body to body, even though you’re using an anti-bacterial soap. Worse comes when you share a beauty soap that doesn’t have anti-bacterial properties.

4. Towel

Towels are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. You should never share a towel with anyone.

5. Deodorant stick (or roll-on)

This is a no-no! Your deodorant should always be for personal use. Never let what you use on your armpit go to another’s.

It’s dangerous for your hygiene and theirs.

6. Razors/ Nail Clippers

Sharing sharp objects like razors and nail clippers can increase the risk of infections like HIV or disease transmission, particularly if there are cuts or nicks on the skin. You don’t want to contract HIV, do you?

7. Hairbrush/ Comb

Personal hairbrushes and combs can have hair and skin particles that can transmit lice, dandruff, and other infections.

8. Contact lenses/ Glasses

Sharing contact lenses or glasses can increase the risk of transmitting eye infections or diseases.

9. Makeup

While seemingly harmless, people who share makeup are at risk for contracting some potentially serious medical issues, including conjunctivitis or herpes. Lending lip gloss “could be risky if your friend has herpes labialis, an infection caused by the contagious herpes simplex virus.

10. Earrings

Wearing borrowed earrings may appear to be safe, but they can transfer blood-borne infections.

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