Just Got Engaged? Here Are 9 Tips For Planning Your Wedding

man and woman happy

Doesn’t it feel great to be engaged? That excitement must be overboard.  And we are sure you must be looking forward to the wedding! When planning your wedding, though, there are some things you need to start with.

If you have no idea how to begin, then take a look at the list below.

1. Make the announcement

Tell everyone who matters to you that you are finally getting married! For some, like your mother or close friends, that will be the best news they have heard all year. While some people will be envious, the right people will be excited for you. Either way, let those that matter know!

2. Fix your wedding date

Agree on the wedding date with your partner or with your family so that you can start working on all the details. Once you set the date, work backward, creating a timetable of activities that lead up to the wedding day. You want to make sure you cover a lot of ground.

3.  Set a budget

Work out a budget with your partner and decide what works best for you. Take into account your resources and the timeframe you have. With a budget in place, you will find it easy to control costs when planning your wedding. Make sure you adhere strictly to the budget.

4. Open a wedding folder

Wonder what goes into a wedding folder? First, contacts of prospective wedding vendors and samples of their work. You might think this is uncalled for but trust us when we say it is very important.

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Second, ideas on décor, colors, fabrics, and themes. Third, articles on weddings that you may find useful when the planning becomes much more intense. Lastly, put a copy of your budget and your timetable into the folder. A folder will help you get organized.

5. Start on the guest list

The worst thing that can happen to a couple on the wedding day or after the wedding is for you to realize you forgot to invite some people. To avoid this, start working on your guest list early enough. Begin with those who matter the most to you and send them invitations.

6. Decide on the wedding party

The best time to pick out your wedding party is at the very beginning. Once again, sit down with your partner and agree on how many people you want. Balance between family and friends so that nobody feels left out. This works alongside your budget. Your budget determines how many people should be at your wedding.

7. Pick out your wedding dress.

Selecting the perfect dress takes time, so start early. If you intend to have your wedding dress sewn by a designer of your choice, identify the design promptly so that the tailor finishes the job way before the wedding. Browse the internet and look through wedding magazines or wedding websites until you settle on the perfect dress and style that flatters your body shape.

8. Figure out your wedding theme

What colors do you both want, and how do they fit in with your wedding theme? What design details can you use to enhance your chosen theme? How will the colors you eventually choose reflect your individual personalities? Your wedding theme should also correlate with your wedding colours.

9. Select your venue

Do you want an outdoor ceremony or a church wedding with the reception at a different venue? How large your venue is would depend on the number of guests that are expected.

Choose what works for both of you and the majority of your guests, then make the booking of the venue. You will find out that the best venues are usually reserved months in advance.

We really hope these tips go a long way in getting you in the right direction after getting engaged.