Switch Up Your Breakfast Menu With This Yummy Plantain Frittata Recipe


Plantain Frittata is gradually becoming a part of every woman’s breakfast menu in Nigeria.

Its so easy to make and you can always modify the recipe to fit your taste. Sometimes you can add sausages, chicken or even shrimps to your plantain frittata to give you a more wholesome meal.

Many people love plantain because it is such a versatile food item and we are sure you are also not immune to plantain..

This Simple Video Will Teach You How To Make Ewa Agoyin With Ease.

Enjoy the Plantain Frittata video and we hope you make it for breakfast or dinner soon.

Watch this video by Zeelicious Foods.

P:S –  You can always bake. If you do not have an oven, you may need to pre-fry your plantain and when you layer the rest of the food items, you should cook on very low heat and cover the pan.

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