Married For 6 Years Without A Child, This Gospel Singer And Her Husband Kept Their Faith And It Paid Off

Bolaji Dekunle-Oniyo also known as Psalmos, a gospel artiste in Nigeria, and her music producer husband, Adekunle, has in an interview with Punch, shared the story of how they survived during their challenges with having children.

The couple had  a delay in children for 6 years after they were married and they have highlighted how  they survived and what kept them going.

We have some excerpts below:

On some of the challenges they experienced in marriage

We have been married for nine years but we had to wait for six years before we started having children. We believed God for six years before we had a child. That alone can break a marriage but we stuck together because we love ourselves.

There was a lot of pressure from friends and family but we decided to stick together. When God sees genuine love, He dwells there. I am sure He saw that we love each other and he decided to bless us.

On some memorable moments in their marriage

We have a lot of those because we spend most times together and we have been through a lot together. I remember that I had my first son through Caesarian Section, and I told the doctor that I wanted my husband to be in the theatre with me.

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He was in there with me and knowing that he was right there meant a lot, though he was scared through it all. Those are some of the moments I cherish most, and when I came out of the surgery, he was the one telling me everything that happened.

We are more like siblings. He was also with me when I had my second child. Those are things that money cannot buy. Even our families know that we always want to be together, and some of them are learning from us in that regard.

On how the birth of their children has impacted on their marriage?

Even though we waited for six years, we had imagined them spiritually before they came, but their births have added more responsibilities. Having our children has made me to know my husband in another dimension.

I didn’t know that he could bath a child or do some chores but when I gave birth, he was the one who gave our first child his first bath. We always help each other and sometimes, it affects his job because he had to delay some assignments to attend to us. He is a good father and husband.

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