Protect Your Hair During The Rainy Season With These 7 Tips

Rainy Season HairCare Tips

Rainy Season HairCare Tips

The rainy season is here in full gear and while we want to keep our bodies, clothes, shoes and other essentials safe we should not overlook our hair. Rainwater is dirty and acidic, which is really bad for your hair. Therefore you should do all you can to care for it.

Here are 7 tips that would help you care for your hair during the rainy season.

1. Keep your hair dry

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It is difficult to air dry your hairs in the monsoon weather due to increased humidity. So opt for a hair dryer or dry it with a towel gently. Never comb your hair while it’s wet.

2. Shampoo Twice A Week

Use a mild yet deep cleansing shampoo to remove any residue on your scalp left behind by rainwater. Doing this will help to prevent fungal or bacterial.

3. Moisturize with oils regularly

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During the rainy season, your hair deserves all the moisture it can get. Ensure you have a regular scalp massage with oils of your choice. This helps to revitalize dry strands and deep condition your roots as well.

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4. Waterproof is good

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The best way to protect your hair in the rains is to invest some money in a good quality waterproof jacket or hoodie. Also, have a shower cap and portable umbrella handy.

5. Pick the right comb

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A wide tooth comb is hands down, your best bet in the rains. Not only does it help in detangling your tresses but it also serves as a good conditioning comb.

6. Condition the right way

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The right way to condition your hair is to avoid using too much conditioner and apply conditioner only to the ends and lengths of your hair. Use a wide tooth comb, as mentioned earlier, to give the conditioner a good spread and follow it up with a rinse with cold water.

7. Wear protective styles on a rainy day.

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Braided hair is one of the most common hairstyles. Braids hold their style and grace in wet weather. Add a twist to the two-part braid by twisting them together and forming a bun in the back.


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