5 Ways To Kill Boredom This Easter As A Single Lady

The loneliness, thoughts of being single, and that constant feeling of why you are single when all your friends are hooked is more evident during the holidays.

The Easter holidays are here again, instead of worrying about the present, why not live in the moment and enjoy your single life without zero worries.

Here are ways you can enjoy this Easter period with yourself, by yourself, and for yourself.

Enjoy the read!

1. Go on a solo road trip

Been itching to cool-off for some days from work-related stress? No better time than this Easter to get started by going on a solo trip. The luxury of having a few days off from work starting from Friday makes it a fun-filled, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

You never know where love may find you so why not give it a shot?

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2. Watch a movie at the cinemas

If you haven’t seen the Black Panther movie, this is the best opportunity to do that. You will definitely have a swell time in ‘Wakanda’ with a chilled drink and a pack of popcorn.

3. Try out a new dish

Who doesn’t love trying out new things especially when it comes to food? The answer is definitely everyone.

So why not get started with that food recipe you have always wanted to try out? You just never know how nice it will turn out to be.

4. Read a book

Books! Books!!Books!!!

What better time to read those piles of books on your shelf than this Easter season!

You can also get e-books or borrow from a friend if you have read all the ones you have.

5. Attend a virtual show or concert

Image result for fela and kalakuta queens

As the norm with the easter holiday celebrations, there are a lot of shows and concerts lined up.  An example is Sinach’s concert happening on Easter Sunday, June 4th.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of them are virtual events.

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