8 Reasons To Love The Delectable Actress Jemima Osunde

Jemima Osunde

Jemima Osunde photo
Jemima Osunde

Fast-rising actress, Jemima Osunde is a very lovable actress. Fans love everything she involves herself in, and we’ll tell you just why.

She recently celebrated her birthday and we have decided to share reasons why she is loved.

1. Her beautiful smile

Jemima has a beautiful set of teeth. Also, her face is wonderfully made in such a way that her smile is always so captivating.

Jemima Osunde

2. She prefers a poor man good in bed

Jemima Osunde is extremely sensible, as she doesn’t focus on material things while choosing a partner. When asked which she prefers between a rich man bad in bed and a poor man good in bed, she said:

“I don’t plan to be broke myself, yeah, so a man  good in bed is for me not his money, let him give me what I can’t give myself”

3. Her legendary forehead

Her forehead is glorious! It just brings out her face even better.

Jemima Osunde

4. Her acting skills

Jemima Osunde’s acting skills are just amazing! It is no wonder why we’re so eager to see every film she features in. From Delivery Boy to Lion Heart, Jemima is an excellent actress.

5. She is a friend of the camera

You can simply say she’s an exquisite model. Jemima’s poses are absolutely fantastic! She’s definitely a best friend to any camera that captures her look.

6. Her fashion sense is spectacular

Jemima Osunde is great at wearing outfits. On our feed, we always smile when we see her fashion updates.

7. Jemima is a loyal friend.

She never ceases to show her love for her friends especially Adesua Etomi. We can all agree that the pair give us the perfect friendship goals.

8. She wears many hats

Jemima may seem like she’s fully into acting, but she is also a Physiotherapist and this makes her more amazing than ever!

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