5 Reasons Why You Should Never Propose To A Man

Reasons Why A Woman Should Not Propose To A Man

In recent times, We have heard and also seen videos of women proposing marriage to men. These men are no strangers to these women. They have dated these men for some time and may have had conversations about settling down.

However, it is important to know that men naturally like to pursue and conquer. This is not to say women are to be conquered, but a woman’s heart has to be won. There is honor, dignity, and commitment that is given to a woman when she is pursued and won over.

When a man asks you out, it comes with certain rights and privileges, you get to know where you stand with him and even ask questions, but if you are open-minded enough to ask him out, prepare your mind to take him as he is or just move on when what you feel is not reciprocated.

In view of that, we have compiled reasons why you shouldn’t propose to a man (in case you are planning to)

1. It sounds like a desperate act

Believe us when we say this. A woman proposing to a man will seem pretty desperate to him. The man begins to feel on top of the world once he gets a woman who proposed to him herself.  No woman should be viewed as desperate by her man. That is so wrong.

2. Every woman deserves to be pursued

There is honor and dignity that is given to a woman when she is pursued and won over. You are worthy of the pursuit. When you read Song of Solomon, you see how it states that the bride is pursued by her man over and over.

Allow yourself to be pursued to the end, and allow the man God has for you to win your affection and claim you as his. Women do play a role in this, they have the most important job of saying ‘yes.’.

3. You shift the energy of the relationship

The Bible says that a man who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from The Lord. That favor manifests itself as leadership and the ability to make decisions.

A woman proposing to a man confuses that very dynamic. When you take the lead on a life-changing decision like this, and don’t give him the opportunity to do it, you could be setting yourself up for possible indecision and lack of leadership from him in the future.

4. He would not take you serious

Just as a woman proposing might seem desperate, there is a tendency that the man will not take you seriously. He might renege on his vows and responsibilities the minute he thinks he is tired of you.

5. He might start feeling resentful later on

You proposed to a man and he said yes. You are excited and hoping for a happily ever after. What happens when a man begins to think you forced him into marrying you? He starts to resent you and everything you stand for.

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