Do You Find Yourself Attracting The Wrong Type Of Guy? Here Are Reasons Why It Keeps Happening

Sometimes you wonder why you keep attracting the wrong men into your life or you feel the wrong kind of men is attracted to you. There’s quite a lot of reasons that happens.

No one is perfect but it is really up to you to decide if you would want good men with flaws that you can actually deal with.

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This post will give you tips on why you’re attracting the wrong men in your life.

1.When You Don’t Know What You Want

Dating is more about finding someone who is right for you. Do you know what that looks like? If you’re not clear about what you want in your man then you might keep attracting the man.

2.When You’re Not What You Want

You cannot be a dishonest person and expect to find an honest man. It may be time to take a look at yourself and work on building the best version of you. That way, you will approach dating with confidence and the knowledge that you deserve the very best.

3.Being At The Right Place

When you’re in the right place at the right time, you would attract the right kind of man. If you keep going to the bar and you meet a drunkard you should not be surprised. Change the places you keep hanging out in and eventually, you will meet men with different interests and hobbies.

4.When You Send The Wrong Signals

You might be sending the wrong signals with your gesture or how you respond to some men which might make them misunderstand what you want.

5.When You’re Perceived As Being Desperate

Do you chase men instead of letting them chase you? Then perhaps it’s time to actually stop needing men. When you need a man he knows you can’t live without them which is a problem. Therefore, you begin to sound desperate.