This Delicious Fish Sauce Recipe Should Be Added To Your Food Menu Immediately

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It is said that we eat first with our eyes then with our mouth. Fish sauce is one of those delicacies that is an absolute eye-candy and just as tasty.

Asides the many soups and stew recipes we love to make for ourselves and our family members, the fish sauce ranks as one of the most widely accepted delicacies we love especially with our yam.

This super-simple sauce is made primarily from fish and your regular pepper and tomato puree. The process of scattering your fish and stirring it into the pepper while cooking infuses the sauce with a lot of flavour which gives it its delicious taste.

To prepare this sauce you will need

– 1 big Smoked or Boiled Mackerel Fish

Huggies Nappy Pants
– 10 plum Tomatoes
– 1 Habenero
– 2 Green Chilli
– 1 small Green Bell Pepper
– 2 medium Onions
– 1 tsp chopped Ginger
– 1 tsp Salt
– 1 tsp Thyme
– 1 Seasoning Cube
– 1 tbs Ground crayfish
– 1/2 cup Vegetable Oil
Just in case you don’t know how to prepare it, Sisi Yemmie has you covered in this very short video