The right gift can go a long way to show your partner just how much you care about him.

They never seem to want anything which always makes things harder.

If you’re on the hunt for a gift for his birthday or probably your anniversary, the list below should be of help.

Check out the general gifts that any lady can get her man for his birthday and they are cost effective too.

1. Bake him a beautiful birthday cake

Kids love birthday cakes and guys never stop being kids, so treat your man to homemade birthday cake complete with a personal message in icing on top and candles. It’s cost effective and easy, but he will really love all the effort that you have put in.

2. Buy him a nice gadget

Most men would love a gadget as a gift and you have plenty of things to choose from. Buy him a new video camera, accessory for his laptop or phone, or visit one of those specialist gadget shops, you’ll be amazed at some of the toys for guys that they have.

3. Food

How do you get to man’s heart? Go through his stomach. Explore dishes you are sure he’ll love. There are local delicacies you can explore. You could also take out time to prepare his favourite food, to be enjoyed with friends and family, or just the two of you.

4. Call his friends over and give him a surprise dinner

Maybe he wants his birthday to be a quiet affair – after all, he’s grown up and all! But who doesn’t like a surprise birthday bash? So go ahead and call his friends but keep it a surprise. Then watch his jaw drop as he sees his friends call out ‘Happy Birthday’ when he comes through the door!

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5. Write top reasons why you love him

Make him feel good about himself on his birthday!
Write him notes on reasons why you love him. To make it more interesting, you could write the exact number of his age. i.e 40 reasons why you love him if he’s clocking 40. On each note write a different reason. He will be mighty pleased and highly flattered!

6. A CD Mix

One of the most romantic gifts that you can give your man is a CD mix of some of his favorite songs. Everyone loves music, so a handmade CD mix of their favorite songs makes a great birthday gift idea.
It can be anything that he enjoys listening to or some of the things that both of you love.
A mix made by you shows effort and some of your song picks can bring up many good memories.

7. Shaving Kit

If he’s the kind of guy who likes to shake up his grooming routine from day to day, this would be perfect.