‘If God Can Give Me A Husband In My 50s, There’s Hope For Single Ladies – Actress, Ronnie Dikko

Veteran actress, Ronnie Dikko has advised single ladies seeking husbands to wait on God and not to lose hope.

Popular for her role in the 90’s family sitcom ‘Family Circle’, Dikko disclosed that if God could do it for her at her age, there is nothing impossible.

She revealed this in a chat with TheSun. Read excerpts below

What’s your ideal man?

God has blessed me with my ideal man. It’s good to wait for God’s time. It got to a stage that I stopped blaming people for telling me ‘you no dey marry’ because in Africa it’s expected for every woman to get married. I believe that delay is not denial, if you know the God you serve.

How did you cope with people’s reactions to your marital status then?

Whenever they talked to me concerning marriage, I used to tell them God is in control, because I believe there is somebody for you somewhere. It takes the grace of God to find your life partner, so you have to pray and wait for God to connect you spiritually and physically. However, the society is not helping matters, but you don’t have to give up because they are not your creator. Honestly, the pressure can be overwhelming, especially when your biological clock is ticking away, it takes great faith to wait and pray. It is not easy to close your ears to everything people say concerning you, but you have to encourage yourself to be happy. After all, it’s not every married person that is happy, some stay in the marriage because of the children. However, marriage is not a do or die affair, but it’s just necessary to share your life with a true friend not an enemy in disguise. So, it’s your choice to pray and wait for the right person.

So, have you found that special person?

I thank God for giving me a true friend and a family.

When did you get married?

I got married last year. My husband hails from Ekiti State while I come from Edo State.

How did you feel finding a man after all these years of being single?

I give glory to God. I feel there is need to have someone to spend your time with, especially when you are getting old. So, l am happy I have someone to spend my old age with (laughter).

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How old are you?

I am in my early 50s.

What is your advice to single ladies believing God for husband?

I want to tell them never to doubt God or the efficacy of prayers. If God can give me a husband, they should be hopeful. There are classes of men, so it’s important to look before you leap.