“How I Went From Being A Cleaner To A House Owner In Canada” – Media Personality Shade Ladipo

shade ladipo

Media personality, Shade Ladipo recounts her journey from working as a cleaner to owning a property in Canada.

Shade revealed that she arrived in Canada in 2020, and it took her about 3 months to get a job as a cleaner at a gym, which soon shut down due to Covid.

She got another that was not worth the stress. Shortly after, God blessed her with a job that paid in multiple folds, and that was how she was able to become a homeowner in the space of 6 months.

In her words:

“I arrived in Canada March 20 2020. It took me 3 months to find a job. The job I found was working in a gym as a cleaner. I did that job for 6 months and then gym got shut down cos of Covid and I was on government funds for 3 months. 

I got a 6ok job in a shit company that almost ran me mad 40 I left after 3 months and told God to give me double for my trouble.
2 months later I got a job paying me 3 times that amount and 6 months later I bought my 1st property in Canada.

Why am I sharing this?
People only tell or show you the floss but they never share the hard times.
I have had haaaaard times
2020 was one of the hardest years of my entire life but somehow…somehow I made it through.

For real If you can make it in Lagos You can make it any focking where
Nigeria built me for this!”

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