[VIDEO] Shaffy Bello’s Thoughts On The ‘What Do Women Bring To The Table Debate’ Will Get You Thinking


Actress Shaffy Bello has added her voice to the ‘What Do Women Bring To The Table? debate.

In a chat with media personality Stephanie Coker on her ‘Me, Her, and Everything Else Podcast, she said that women shouldn’t feel bad when men ask them what they bring to the table.

She also opined that a woman becomes more attractive when she does not need her man to do everything for her.

In her words,

‘’I would tell the ladies never tell a man ‘what do you mean what do I bring to the table?’. I am sorry; I am not one of those. I think we both should ask ourselves what are we both bringing to the table. If he is bringing something to the table, What are you bringing to the table? I don’t want a liability if I am a man. I don’t want to marry a liability. As a matter of fact, you are even more attractive when you don’t need him. When you don’t need me, you are more attractive. You are just needy, that is not attractive”

Watch the video below


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