Coconut Oil Is The New Shaving Ingredient And Here’s How To Use It

shaving coconut oil

Coconut oil is recognized for the amazing way it smells. You know, the lovely scented coconut smell. However, did you know that you can shave with coconut oil?

Well, we did! It’s time for you to take up that act right now and learn shaving with coconut oil. When it comes to shaving,coconut oil is one of the safest ideas ever. Coconut oil not only helps your shaving smoother, but it makes it safer.

Here’s the process:

1. After a shower

After you must have had your bath, pat your skin surface with your towel to eliminate most of the water. Rub some coconut oil on the surface.

shaving coconut oil


2. Shaving

When shaving, get a new razor or shaving stick. The point is that the razor must be really sharp, so a new one would do.

At regular intervals, rinse the shaving stick or razor. The oil helps prevent your legs from getting razor burns or injuries.

3. Post-shaving

Now, pat your skin surface with your towel and let the oil stay on your skin. If you feel irritated by some hair, you could rinse a bit and then add more oil.

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