5 Signs That Shows A Man Is Dangerously Obsessed With You

 How To Discuss Commitment In A RelationshipThere is the healthy obsession and of course, there is the totally scary one. If you find yourself in a relationship you have no rest of mind in because you sense you are being stalked, why not find out.
Below are some ways to know.

1. He spies on you every time

You may get the feeling you are being watched every time you go out the door or you may be aware that he has posted pictures or sent photos of you when you were not aware of his presence. Most stalkers are voyeurs, but if you catch them doing something like watching you from his parked car near your house, he will tell you that it is just a coincidence.

2. He arranges coincidences to prove that there is a deep connection between you

He may turn up all the time where you are and then try to use the “by-chance meetings” as proof that you belong together. He may also buy you gifts, that coincidentally, are your favorite things, without him ever having told you so. This is evidence that he may have been doing some research on you somehow, by snooping on Facebook or talking to your friends.

3. He tries to force his way into your life by being overly helpful

If you even casually mention that you are going somewhere, he is the one who will offer to drive you there, even if you don’t need it. No matter what you are doing, cooking, cleaning or going shopping, he will always offer to be of assistance so he can spend more time in your company. The more time he can spend in your company, the more he feels he is in control of you and the events around you.

4. He physically stalks you by doing everything that you do

If you join a gym, it is that same one that he will also join. If he knows you leave for work at 6 am, then he will be at the bus stop waiting for you. He might also claim to know friends of yours that he does not really know and he might stalk you on social media sites, liking everything that you do and joining events and groups that you do.

5. He misrepresents his familiarity with you to your family and friends

He may tell others he is your boyfriend in order to force you to recognize him or to convince them to give information about you. He might also speak to you as if you already have a life together and say things like ”

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