10 Relationship Commandments Every Single Lady Must Know

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Being in love can cause women to lose balance and themselves in a relationship. In a bid to give it the best sometimes, we can tend to over do it.

A lot has been said about what should be done and what should not be done in relationship, but it’s important to remind oneself about no go areas in a relationship.

Fabwoman.com presents 10 things a lady should never do in a relationship.

1. Thou shall not date any guy out of sympathy

It is not worth it. It has never worth the pain and if you have to date, date for the right reasons.

2. Thou shall not depend on any man for your daily needs

We all know, as cliche as it sounds, “expect nothing and you will never get disappointed”. I believe it’s even more accurate in relationships. The only expectation you should have, is to love and be loved.

3. Thou shall never fight over a man

Such men usually don’t have regard for ladies. It gives a mirror image of your self-esteem and lack of self-worth and also makes you look desperate.

4. Thou shall not remain in an abusive relationship.

Abuse can be emotional, financial, sexual or physical and can include threats, isolation, and intimidation. You should not suffer any form of abuse.

5.Thou shall not compare him to your Ex

You don’t want to be compared to his exes, so don’t compare him to yours. No man is perfect. All you need do is to tell him his weak points so you can both tackle it together. And remember, no man is perfect.

6. Thou shall keep your relationship private not secret

Huggies Nappy Pants

If the relationship is up to three months and counting, somebody should know about it. As soon as you can, let your man show his face to your people. Your sister or brother or mother. This isn’t about you showing off on social media. Just the people that counts.

7. Thou shall not try to control thy partner

No man wants to be with a woman who tries to control his every move because that’s what parents are for. If he wants a boys night, give it to him. If you can’t trust your significant other or respect their choices, it will never work.

8. Thou shall not do EVERYTHING for him

Ladies like to “do” for our men and enjoy it. But don’t take it too far. He has arms and legs too! Enjoy taking care of your man, but after a while he may start to expect certain things from you all the time, everyday. Make sure he can be responsible for his own daily necessities in your absence! Split the responsibilities, tend to his needs, and make sure he tends to yours.

9. Thou shall not nag

There is no bigger a turn off than a woman who keeps whining. Share your feelings but do that without needless ranting.

10. Thou shall not talk about every of your relationship troubles with your family

You both had an argument? You’ll either work it out or you won’t. Telling your family about it never ends well. Your siblings may understand but your parents might begin to resent him which makes things difficult in the long run. So don’t bring the problems home to Mommy and Daddy!